Welcome to this initiative to teach CPR to kids and parents!


It's important for everyone to know hands-only CPR because every second counts when it comes to saving lives.


For this tutorial, do the following.

1. Watch the videos.

2. Practice with game and music.

3. Fill out the survey.

4. Share with everyone you know.



The following was developed based on research done which started from a 6th grade science project started in Riverside Unified School District.


Bethlehem Zeleke, Eashan S Biswas, Mimi S Biswas. (2017, November) Abstract, 19803: Children Can Save Lives!  Circulation. 2017;136:A109803.  Poster presentation at AHA 2017 Scientific Sessions Resuscitation Science Symposium



You may use our contact page to send us any suggestions, questions, or feedback.

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